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The Zorro Circle

According to legend, in the southwestern United States, there lived a masked hero roamed around fighting for the unfortunate and the helpless.

His name is Zorro.

Zorro is a hero whose masters in swordsmanship, slashing 10 villains on one go, swing grandly on the fancy chandelier in the rich’s party, stealing beautiful women’s hearts and don’t let me exaggerate more.

He has been portrayed in many literature, dramas and movies, with the most well-known played by Antonio Banderas.

Despite the awesomeness of Zorro had been glorified through Hollywood, lesser attention had been given to the way Zorro becomes the awesome Zorro, previously just a lad named Alejandro.

In the beginning of The Mask of Zorro, Alejandro had been portrayed as a young visionary man who wants to restore justice in the world by assailing villains.

Being young, with amateur skills and immature, he wants to do it immediately and spectacularly, with little patience.

Spirited, he took the challenge, but the tougher it gets, the farther he falls.

Over and over, he feels out of control and utterly powerless, resulting as a drunkard in despair.

Don Diego

Until he met Don Diego, an elder sword master, who took Alejandro into his hidden cave, the course of destiny changed.

In the cave, Don Diego starts Alejandro’s training by drawing a circle in the dirt.

“This circle will be your world. Your whole life. Until I tell you otherwise, there is nothing outside of it,” says Don Diego.

When Alejandro had mastered this small circle, time by time Don Diego allows him to expand the circle little by little until he captured the skills of the glorified awesomely Zorro that we know.

Zorro’s successes wouldn’t be possible if he had not first learned to master that small circle.

Before that moment, Alejandro had no command over his emotions, no sense of his own skill, no real faith in his ability to accomplish goals, and worst of all, no feeling of control over his own fate.

Only after he masters that first circle does he starts to become Zorro, the legend.


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