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When and Where Do I Practice the Power Pose?

I’d came across this video through FinerMinds nine days ago. I liked it since it seems practical and tally with my aim to create patterns for a better life.

A bit of summary, social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how our posture determines our level of confidence. This is somehow important as it do affects the levels of our testosterone (the well-being hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone). To get the complete picture, watch the talk.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: By powerful here means ‘to make good things work’.

So, for nine days I had been looking for places and times I can practice the power pose without affecting my schedule. Here it goes:

1. Right after waking up

I set the alarm with notes to remind myself. Just sit on the bed with legs on the floor, stretch the hands up and feel the power.

2. In prayers

I am a Muslim and obliged to pray 5 times a day. In the prayer we have to perform some physical pose while humbly meeting the Lord. While the eyes directed to the ground, I straightened my shoulders as a means of putting power to words cited in prayers. Even when I place my head to the ground I set my shoulders straight.

3. At breakfast/brunch/tea/dinner table

While eating, straightened the shoulders and upper side of body as a means of being grateful for the food, as the energy that fuels productivity.

4. While driving

Again, straightened the shoulders and upper side of body while steering. You will a better vision on what’s going on on the road. When bumps into red light, place your hands at the back of your head. Take that extra space. Say, “This bump (red light) is nothing. I am more powerful than that. Patience is the power.”

5. In train to/back from work

Whether sitting or standing, utilize all the personal space you have to expand. Be creative but know your boundaries. Best advice, again, the shoulders and upper side of body.

6. In working table

Take some time stretching and apply straight shoulders and straight upper level of the body while working.

7. While peeing/dumping

Pee/dump in the closed doors toilet partition. While doing the power pose, say, “Goodbye unwanted stuff!”

8. In the gym

Straightened the upper side of the body on treadmills. Straightened shoulders while doing sit-ups. Straightened shoulders while lifting weights. And the ultimate use of power pose? It is obviously yoga.

9. Sleeping

Take some space on the bed. It is your space after all.

Although I didn’t do everything in one day but I guess I know when/where to swoop in when there are opportunities. You can find your when/where too! 😀

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