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Hajj: The Journey of a Lifetime

This is the story of 4 different souls performing the Hajj. Hajj is the fifth pillars of Islam, a religious duty that must be carried out at least once in their lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so. Scotland Yard officer, a college student, a neurosurgeon and a man who walks all the way from India to Saudi Arabia, all with one intention to perform Hajj as a form of submission to God.

This is how ‘what’ (performing the Hajj) and ‘why’ (to submit to God) drives these souls in action regardless of the challenges that comes.

When there’s a will, there’s a way. Be clear about your vision, everything else is secondary, but also important.

When and Where Do I Practice the Power Pose?

I’d came across this video through FinerMinds nine days ago. I liked it since it seems practical and tally with my aim to create patterns for a better life.

A bit of summary, social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how our posture determines our level of confidence. This is somehow important as it do affects the levels of our testosterone (the well-being hormone) and cortisol (the stress hormone). To get the complete picture, watch the talk.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: By powerful here means ‘to make good things work’.

So, for nine days I had been looking for places and times I can practice the power pose without affecting my schedule. Here it goes:

1. Right after waking up

I set the alarm with notes to remind myself. Just sit on the bed with legs on the floor, stretch the hands up and feel the power.

2. In prayers

I am a Muslim and obliged to pray 5 times a day. In the prayer we have to perform some physical pose while humbly meeting the Lord. While the eyes directed to the ground, I straightened my shoulders as a means of putting power to words cited in prayers. Even when I place my head to the ground I set my shoulders straight.

3. At breakfast/brunch/tea/dinner table

While eating, straightened the shoulders and upper side of body as a means of being grateful for the food, as the energy that fuels productivity.

4. While driving

Again, straightened the shoulders and upper side of body while steering. You will a better vision on what’s going on on the road. When bumps into red light, place your hands at the back of your head. Take that extra space. Say, “This bump (red light) is nothing. I am more powerful than that. Patience is the power.”

5. In train to/back from work

Whether sitting or standing, utilize all the personal space you have to expand. Be creative but know your boundaries. Best advice, again, the shoulders and upper side of body.

6. In working table

Take some time stretching and apply straight shoulders and straight upper level of the body while working.

7. While peeing/dumping

Pee/dump in the closed doors toilet partition. While doing the power pose, say, “Goodbye unwanted stuff!”

8. In the gym

Straightened the upper side of the body on treadmills. Straightened shoulders while doing sit-ups. Straightened shoulders while lifting weights. And the ultimate use of power pose? It is obviously yoga.

9. Sleeping

Take some space on the bed. It is your space after all.

Although I didn’t do everything in one day but I guess I know when/where to swoop in when there are opportunities. You can find your when/where too! 😀

Knoweth Thyself part 2


When the heart had been purified by moral discipline, the clear rational heart abounds in, marvel, both of knowledge and power.

By means of it he masters arts and sciences, doing chores in the earth, make invention, made innovation.

His five senses are like five doors opening on the external world.

More beautiful than that, his heart has a window which opens on the unseen world.

This is how the heart (king) dictates how we act on earth.

Purify them always to act more positively.

Knoweth Thyself part 1

You are a human.

You consist of an outward shape (your body) and an inward entity (the heart, or soul).

The heart does not belong to the visible world, but to the invisible.

You come to this world as a traveler visiting a foreign country.

Soon you will be returning to your native land.

Close your eyes.

Forget everything around except your individuality.

Now you have come into a close idea of the reality of your heart.

An exact philosophical knowledge of the heart is not a necessary preliminary to walking in the path of religion.

It comes rather as the result of self-discipline and perseverance in that path.

Picture yourself, outward and inward, as a government ruling over a country.

Your body is the kingdom.

Your heart is the king.

Your senses is the army.

Your reason is the prime minister.

Your passion is the revenue-collector.

Your anger is the police officer.

In the mode of collecting revenuepassion is continually prone to plunder on its own account, while envy (anger) is always inclined to harshness and severity.

The revenue-collector and the police officer have to be kept in due subordination to the king, but not expelled, as they have their own proper function to fulfil.

But if passion and anger master reason, the ruin of the heart will take place subsequently.

A heart which allows its lower faculties to dominate the higher is as one who should hand over an angel to a power of a dog.

Thus, this is where moral discipline comes in, to purify the heart from the rust of passion and anger.

to be continued…

Triggering Meditation Habit

Have you had the chance, or really take some time, at least 5 minutes, today, to really look back at your visions and conditions that you’re now in?

In this age of information where things move faster than ever, levels of competition grow too. The challenges became harder and you yourself had to face it no matter what level you’re at. Some people results in doing things over their limit and can only be happy when they reach their goals. Some just doing okay doing things to meet month to month end needs and forgetting the visions and values they hold in their hearts. But to be happy and awesome, and to sustain them, is this enough? Is this the right way to live?

The 5 minutes of reflections are what I call meditation. Those 5 minutes are the times where you’re with yourself, no other association with something else. If you believe in God, these 5 minutes can be your truest devotion of your purest soul to keep you intact, so you as a human can be efficient, facing the world, with visions and desires of your purest soul.

That was the idea but does that really work?

My take is, in meditation, be honest with yourself. REALLY REALLY honest.

Future posts will touch more on this.


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